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(A) 期刊論文:

1. <繪製「幽景」:論聘瓊《幽》中〈幽國〉>,真理大學人文學報 (200910


2. “V’scape─A Deleuzean Reading of V.” 慈濟大學人文社會科學學刊,第八期


3. <「羞愧的味道」:動物權與尊嚴論科慈《屈辱》中「變向動物之跨越」>,真理大學人文學報 (20094),頁27~51

4. “The Beautiful Madwoman in the Forest: A Study of Tracks.” 開南大學通識研究集刊,第十期 (200612),頁1~18

5. “A Glimpse of the Grotesque Realism in Gravity’s Rainbow.南亞技術學院學 報,第二十五期 (200512),頁57~72

(B) 研討會論文:

1. “Native Bible Womanhood and Women’s Right in Late 19th-Century Taiwan—Minnie Mackay’s Story.” George Leslie Mackay

D.D.—Origin, Inheritance, and Legacy of the Canadian Presbyterian Mission to Taiwan. Aletheia University and Queen’s University

G. L. Mackay Workshop. Queen’s Theological College, Kingston. 4 November 2009.

2. “Seize the Day of Reckoning, Reconciliation, and Redemption.” 2009真理大學外國語文教學與跨文化研究學術研討會


3. “Portrait of Heathen/Bible Womanhood: Minnie Mackay, Aboriginal Converts to Christianity, and Victorian Female Association.”

Mainstreaming and Marginalization of Religious Movements, CESNUR 22nd International Conference. City and County Building,

Salt Lack City, Utah. June 11-13, 2009. Cyberproceedings Programme <>

4. “Cur(s)e of The True Womanhood—Her-story in ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’” 2009年慈濟大學專業英語(ESP)暨文學學術研討會

(2009523),頁 81~100

5. “SHROUD & SHOCK: the Bad Priest’s Progress through Cyborgization to BwO.” 第四屆淡江大學國際生態論述會議

The Fourth International Conference on Ecological Discourse—Crisscrossing Word and World: Ecocriticism, Crisis, and Representation.

May 23-24, 2008. pp. 131-58.

6. <「羞愧的味道」:動物權與尊嚴論科慈《屈辱》與聘瓊《引力之虹》中「變向動物之跨越」>,第三十二屆全國比較文學會議


7. “V’scapeA Deleuzean Rreading of V..” 中華民國英美文學學會第十五屆年會暨研討會 (20071124),頁 30


8."Religion, Subjectivity, and Sexuality in The Awakening." 2010理大學外國語文教學與跨文化研究學術研討會 (2010522),頁12